Learn. Grow. Connect.

These are the piano lessons you’ve been looking for! Creative, enjoyable piano lessons for children, teens and adults.  We offer multiple lesson styles and times to meet your needs. You’ll love our relaxed atmosphere and easy-to-get-to location on the north side of Ankeny. Come see how much fun piano lessons can be! 

We combine the traditional with the modern.  Each lesson is carefully tailored to meet individual student goals using the best of traditional piano methods and current technology. We teach using a wide variety of music – you can play the music you love!

Let’s Build Your Skill.  There are so many different ways to learn and build skill.  Let’s find the one that’s right for you!

Online Lessons Always Available

Embrace Music Theory. Understanding changes everything. With board games, iPAD APPs and Music Club we conquer the challenges together. You can totally do this!

Choose What Works For You.  Lessons are available in studio, online, or a hybrid of both.


Be Inspired.

  • Choose the lesson format and music that inspire you to play.
  • Enjoy playing beautiful acoustic and digital pianos.
  • Learn with piano APP’s & tech that are relevant to today’s students.
  • Record, post and share on our Instagram page @judispiano, or our private JudisPiano YouTube channel.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of piano partners and group lessons.
  • Connect with piano friends at Music Club.  You’ll be encouraged by our community of students, and inspired by what they are learning and playing. And you’ll inspire them as well.

Check out our studio on Instagram @judispiano to see what we do!

Come join us!